Types of Glass Pool Fencings to Choose for Your Swimming Pool

Types of Glass Pool Fencing to Choose for Your Swimming Pool

Are you having a pool in your backyard and worrying about your children going near it. Don’t worry as glass pool fencing is the perfect option for you to ensure that your children and pets are out from the swimming pool. Generally, there are available in three types like framed, semi framed and frameless. It is up to you to take the decision about selecting the type of glass pool fencing you need for your pool as there is no much difference in the functionality and cost of these three glass pool fencings. Let us have a glance on these types of glass fencings:

Framed Glass Pool Fencing

This is the traditional type of glass fencing that is used by many homeowners which has the frames to support the glass. These framed glass fencing contains the standard panes of glass that held in place with the help of the stainless steel posts. In this process, first the posts are installed first and then the glass is slid into these posts and then the top is fitted in order to secure the glass, but these types of framed glass fencings become a bit of an obstruction of the view.

Semi Framed Glass Pool Fencing

The semi framed glass pool fencing is the best type of fencing to be selected when you are in confusion in choosing between the framed and frameless glass pool fencing. The semi framed glass pool fencing generally consists of the large panes of extra strong glasses which are slit into the stainless steel posts on the sides and the top and bottom are left free to provide a great view to your glass pool fencing.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass fencing is the most preferred type of glass fencing by many owners as it creates an illusion that there is no barrier in front of the pool at all. This type of glass pool fencing generally contains the large panes of extra strong glass that is held in place by the stainless steel spigots. These Spigots are cemented into the floor and drilled deep into the surface around the swimming pool. There might be small gaps available between the glass panes as they can adjoin without these gaps. It not only acts as an obstruction but also adds a professional look to your swimming pool.
These are the types of glass pool fencings available and you have to select the best one that best suits your requirements and needs. Make sure that glass that is being installed in durable and extra strong. So, it is up to you to take the decision to select the framed, semi framed or frameless glass pool fencing. When you are planning to start this project, select the experienced contractor to ensure that all the installation process is done in a step by step and professional way. The contractor can advise you on the best type of frame which can be suitable for your pool and brings the beauty to your pool.

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